Usage - How to Run RL-Experiments in the Cloud?

In this chapter, we will walk through an example experiment that runs the Atari 2600 game Space Invaders in an A3C fashion on a 2-node GPU cluster. We will use only 1 parameter server and 4 workers (agents that explore the space invaders environment). We will run a simple DQN algorithm for 1,000,000 timesteps (in total across all agents) using a replay buffer that fits 10,000 experience tuples (state, action, reward, next-state). The exploration strategy will be an epsilon decay starting from 1.0 at timestep 0 and linearly decreasing epsilon until it reaches 0.1 at timestep 1,000,000.

Creating the Cluster

The tfcli cluster create command starts a cluster in the cloud. For our example Use the

$ tfcli cluster create

command to start a cluster in the cloud.

For our example, we will use this command as follows:

The following options are supported: